Incorrect fund displayed - when viewing membership transaction in plugin

When accessing membership transactions in the NetCommunity plugin in the Raiser's Edge, observe that the fund being displayed is incorrect to both the XML data and the back end choice in NetCommunity.  Generally the fund being displayed is the additional donation fund and not the membership fund.
The Fund which will show in the Plugin is the fund which is associated with the Additional Donation Fund, as specified in the Membership Form in NetCommunity. The fund which shows in the plugin is cosmetic and after the membership is processed into a Batch, the correct membership Fund will be displayed.

Steps to Duplicate

Submit a membership transaction from a NetCommunity website.
  1. Note the fund on the back end of the part.
  2. Access RE -> NetCommunity Plugin -> Memberships
  3. Observe your transaction displaying fund different then from step 2.


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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