Customizing the itemized email receipt template

In the 4.4 Altru release, you now have the ability to email itemized receipts as well as printing them during a purchase in Daily sales. Here is how to customized the look of your itemized email receipt.
  1. From Tickets, select Sales methods
  2. Select Daily sales
  3. Go to the Itemized Receipt Options tab
  4. Select Email receipt and click Edit template
  5. The email opening section is where you can say thank you for for the order, you can add images, web links, and change the font. You can also click the HTML button to add in some HTML code.
  6. The order details section is in the middle and cannot be changed. This is the receipt portion.
  7. Then you have the email closing. Here you put you closing. even ask that they visit you at your web page and include the link.
  8. After customizing the email, click save.


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