Installment end date does not automatically update when changing the starting date through the Calendar selector

When specifying a installment gift schedule on a Blackbaud NetCommunity donation form, the ending date may not update automatically when selecting a starting date through the calendar selector.
This is resolved in the latest version of NetCommunity.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to a Blackbaud NetCommunity donation form with installments enabled.
  2. Select an amount to donate then select a gift type of Pledge/Installments
  3. Under the Number of Installments, specify a number. For example, 10.
  4. Under Frequency, specify a frequency. Such as Monthly
  5. Notice that the Starting date automatically prepopoulates with Today's date and the ending date prepopulates with the correct end date based on the number of installments and the starting date.
  6. Change the starting date by using the Calendar icon. Notice that the ending date does not update to reflect the date selected in the Starting date field by the calendar.
  7. Change the starting date by typing in the starting date manually instead of using the calendar selector. Notice that the ending date updates correctly.


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