I'm getting a commitment pop-up when adding values to my Enhanced Revenue Batch

When working on an Enhanced Revenue batch, you may notice a pop-up box asking for "commitment" when you press tab after entering the amount.  
This popup is by design and is happening because Altru needs to know how the payment will be applied. When adding a payment through batch it can be applied in a variety of ways: pledge payment, event registration payment, donation, etc. That commitment screen that pops up allows you to determine what the payment will be used for. We can change some settings in your batch template to not make the window pop up.  To do this you can follow the steps below:

1. Click Revenue > Batch Entry.
2. Click Batch templates in the upper left hand corner of the screen
3. Click the drop down arrow next to Enhanced Revenue Batch New and click edit
4. Click Select fields and defaults
5. Click Revenue type, which is located in the middle of the screen
6. Under Field defaults change the drop down box from payment to blank
7. Click Application, which is located in the middle of the screen
8. Under field defaults change the drop down box from donation to blank
9. Click save

The popup commitment box should no longer show when tabbing through records in the batch entry screen.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open an Enhanced Revenue Batch (either cash or Credit Card)
2. Enter a constituent and a dollar amount, and then hit tab. You should notice a pop-up box.

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