In Team Approach, to flatten multiple email addresses associated with different names to a single line in an output, there are several modifications that need to made to the output.  This method will return one email address for each field set up in the output where each field is associated with a specific name id.
  1. Pull up the output you wish to modify in User-Defined Output Entry, click on the Fields button, then add a new line with the value EMAIL ADDRESS.
  2. For the first email field you wish to output, zoom (F10) on the field to modify the criteria.
  3. Note the Alias used by this field (it will follow the format Tn where n is a number).
  4. In the Join Condition block, remove the code that reads 'AND T0.EMAIL_ID = Tn.EMAIL_ID (+)'
  5. In the the Other Criteria block, insert the following code substituting the Alias value noted above for Tn and the name_id desired for X: "Tn.NAME_ID (+) = X AND Tn.STS (+) = 'A'"
  6. Click close to save the changes.  Then change the description under Column Header so as to identify which email address is returned in this field.  Bear in mind you're setting up one email per name id you wish to output when determining the name.
  7. Repeat these steps for each email address/name_id you wish to output.
Please note that this method will only return one email address per field entered/name_id.  It will not return multiple email addresses associated to the same name id either.  If more precision is required in determining the output, then refer to help on Email-level outputs.  These provide greater control in determining which email addresses will be output, but by their nature, one email address will be output per row instead of multiples on a single row.  If functionality other than this is required, you may require a calculated field.  Please contact TSI for assistance if you believe you require a new calculated field.