Constituent update options for name updates are ignored when importing transactions into an Enhanced Revenue Batch

The setup for an Enhanced Revenue Batch import template specifies that constituent names should not be updated.  The name is in fact being updated.
When an existing constituent's ID, lookup ID, or alternate ID is specified in the file, any values in the New/Edit constituent collection are applied as updates without regard to the update rules.  This means that if the update rules are set to 'Ignore', we will still see an update to the name when mapping it to the New/Edit constituent collection field.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select batch entry from the Constituents functional area
2.  Select batch templates from the configuration menu on the left
3.  Click add
4.  Batch type = enhanced revenue batch
5.  Click Ok
6.  Enter a batch template name
7.  Select an appropriate workflow name 
8.  Select an appropriate numbering scheme
9.  Select the configure options
10.  Uncheck the use global setting check box
11.  For Name updates, if incoming name is different from existing name mark the option to ignore name
12.  Click save
13.  Select add an individual from the Constituents functional area
14.  Last name = Man
15.  First name = Spider
16.  Click save
17.  Select edit lookup id from the tasks menu on the left
18.  lookup id = 2099
19.  Click save
20.  Select import from the Administration functional area
21.  Select Generate import header file from the tasks menu on the top left
22.  Batch template = the name entered in step 6
23.  Click ok
24.  Open the file
25.  Account system = system generated account system
26.  Lookup id = 2099
27.  Amount = 100
28.  Date = today's date
29.  Revenue type = payment
30.  Payment method = cash
31.  Application = donation
32.  Designation = library books
33.  New/Edit constituent last\org\group\household name = Man
34.  New/edit constituent first name = Super
35.  New/edit constituent Middle name = Duper
36.  Save and close the file
37.  Select import from the Administration functional area
38.  Click add
39.  Select the batch template name specified in step 6 from the revenue folder
40.  Click save
41.  Enter a name for the import template
42.  Click the green upload to navigate to and select the csv file and click open
43.  Select the map fields tab
44.  Click auto-map
45.  Select the New/edit constituent batch template column and click map collection field
46.  Click auto-map and click okay
47.  Select the set options tab
48.  Select the Other subtab
49.  Search list fields = quick find
50.  Select the constituent updates subtab
51.  Note that name update setting is still set to ignore name
52.  Click save
53.  Select the process and click start import
54.  Select batch entry from the Revenue functional area
55.  Select the batch and click edit.  Note that Spider Man is still the listed name
56.  Save and close the batch
57.  Click Commit the batch
58.  Click start
59.  Select Individual search from the Constituents functional area
60.  Search for and select lookup id = 2099

Note that the name is Super Man rather than Spider Man.  
Desired result:  New constituents will be added but if there is an update for an existing record it will be ignored per the batch settings.


 Blackbaud CRM

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