Each organization should choose the appropriate NOZA returned data to import or upload into your database of record.
  • Some clients chose to import data returned into their CRM databases so that they can see this giving alongside other information on the prospect.  
  • Other clients choose to keep the file outside of their CRM and access it as a point of reference, when needed.
By importing the results, you can begin to access the returned information through queries and reports that you can develop
  1. If you import the field “Recipient Category”, queries that point to specific areas of philanthropic interest of giving can be created looking for giving to Housing & Shelter or Animal Related, for example.
  2. Another example:  If you import the field “Donation Category”, constituents that have made gifts recognized for Capital Gift/Campaign Gift or for Planned & Legacy Gift/Deferred Gift/Bequest/Estate Gift can be identified.
To learn more about the NOZA Philanthropy Database detailed charitable donation information go to www.nozasearch.com under About NOZA and then About Our Data