Error: The address you entered already exists for this constituent -- received when importing payment information into an Enhanced Revenue Batch.

When importing payment information into an Enhanced Revenue Batch, CRM users may encounter the error message above if address information is included in the import file, and the address is already listed on the constituent’s record multiple times. The Constituent Update Rules are set to update existing addresses (old address data will not be retained) if the incoming address is similar to an existing address. Therefore, we should not see this error.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1.        Log into CRM and navigate to the Administration functional area.
  2.        Select the Import task.
  3.        Locate the desired import process.
  4.        Select Edit and pull in the import file containing payment and address information.
  5.        Select the Map Fields tab and map the import fields to the fields in the file.
  6.        Leave all other settings as is, and click Save.
  7.        Start the Import process.
  8.        Allow the import process to complete, and then click the hyperlink to open the batch that is created.
  9.        Make note of the batch exceptions. You can also filter the batch based on the text of the error message.
  10.    Highlight a row that exhibits the "The address you entered already exists for the constituent" error message and click "Go to" to go to the constituent's record.
  11.    Make note of the addresses on the record, and compare that address to the address in the import file.


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