These steps only apply to files  processed in Address Finder before it was integrated with Altru. To run the Address Finder process within Altru go here

The first thing you must do before updating the Address Finder file into Altru is to edit the column headers.

Delete the columns
  1. Open your AddressFinderReturn Excel File
  2. Delete the following columns by right clicking the top of the column and clicking delete
    1. Addresses\Address, Addresses\City, Addresses\State, Addresses\ZIP, Phoes\Number, Email Addresses\Email address, Birth date, Move Type, DLV Code, Delivery Code, and New Z4
  3. Add in the following Columns
    1. Constituent Type
      1. The value will be one of three options (Individual, Household, or Organization)
    2. Country
      1. The value for this column will be "United States"
  4. Once we are done editing the file click File and then click save As. Save the file in a location you will be able to access later when we have to upload the file into Altru, and make sure the file is in the .csv format. It is recommended that you don't overwrite your existing AddressFinderReturn file as you may need the original file later.
  5. Open Altru, Click Administration > Import
  6. Click the add button
  7. Expand the constituent folder and select the constituent update batch. Click OK
  8. Name the file and make sure the import source is Local file
  9. Click the green arrow next to the File textbox to upload the AddressFinderResults file we edited in the previous steps
  10. Click Next
  11. On the Map fields tab click Auto-map
  12. Map each file that wasn't Auto-mapped by clicking inside the blank textbox next to the field and selecting the column header you want to map to that field
  13. For collection fields like addresses, (The gray fields that say Collection field...) click on the gray field and then click the Map collection field button
  14. Click Next
  15. Click on the Other tab. Click quick find under search list fields. Click save
  16. Click on the name of your import process and click start process