1. Insert a group on the Grade Level field
  2. Insert a group on the Student Name field (or create a formula that will sort the students alphabetically by last name: {StsSt_LastName} + ", " + {StsSt_FirstName})
  3. Go to Insert > Subreport
  4. Enter a name for the subreport and click Report Wizard
  5. Select the export MDB data file and include all tables
  6. Click Next
  7. Change the table joins to Left Outer Join
  8. Click Finish
  9. Click OK and place the subreport in Group Header #2
  10. In the subreport, insert a group on a field that is the same for all siblings (for example, Address)
  11. Go back to the Design tab
  12. Right-click on the subreport and select Change Subreport Links
  13. Find the field from Step 10 and select it from the list on the left
  14. Make sure the same field is selected from the drop down list on the bottom right
  15. Click OK
  16. In the subreport, insert a second group on the Grade Level field (if Kindergarten is a possible value, you will need to specify the order of this group so that you can select Kindergarten to be the first group value)
  17. Create a Running Total field to count the siblings
    1. Running Total Name: Sibling Count
    2. Field to summarize: StsSt_StudentID (something that is unique for each sibling)
    3. Type of summary: Distinct Count
    4. Evaluate: For each record
    5. Reset: Never
  18. Click OK
  19. Insert the Running Total into the Details section
  20. Create a new formula to determine the youngest sibling:
    Shared NumberVar Youngest;
    if {#Sibling Count} = 1 then Youngest := StsSt_StudentID;
  21. Click Save and Close
  22. Insert the new formula into the Details section of the subreport
  23. Create a second formula to reset the Youngest variable for each family:
    Shared NumberVar Youngest;
    Youngest := 0;
  24. Insert the second formula into the Report Header a section
  25. Suppress all sections in the subreport
  26. In the main report, on the Design tab, right-click on Details and select Section Expert
  27. Click the X+2 button across from Suppress (No Drill-Down)
  28. Enter the formula:
    Shared NumberVar Youngest;
    Youngest <> {StsSt_StudentID};
  29. Click Save and Close
  30. Click OK
  31. Right-click on the subreport and select Format Subreport
  32. On the Border tab, change the Line Style drop downs to None
  33. On the Subreport tab, mark the "Suppress Blank Subreport" checkbox
  34. Click OK
  35. Right-click on Group Header #2 and select Section Expert
  36. Mark the "Suppress Blank Section" checkbox
  37. Click OK