Error: Unexpected Error - when visiting a Company (Group) Page in a thon

After clicking a link to go to a supporter or team's Company/Group page, you are greeted with and 'Unexpected Error" message followed by an error code.
There is a connection between the error, the number of teams in the Company/Group and the Money Goal.

Setting the Money Goal to "0" will not cause the error.

Setting too low of a Money Goal in relation to the amount of teams in a group will trigger the error.

If you are experiencing this error for small groups, we suggest starting at 10 and going up in increments of 10 until the error no longer displays.

For larger Company/Groups, We suggested using 100 as the base Money Goal and increment it by 10 if you continue to experience the error.

To update the Money Goal
  1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over the event name and select Event Admin
  3. Under Recruitment, click "Manage Company Pyramid"
  4. Find the Company Name under the Company Pyramid folder:
  5. Access the Properties for the desired Company/Group:
    1. Click the Company Name,
    2. Hover over "Edit" to get the menu,
    3. Click "Properties":
  6. Delete the "Money Goal"  or set it to a higher number and click "Submit"
  7. Publish the Event
  8. Refresh the webpage


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