Total Identified Assets directly relates to a public-data asset screening using the Name and Address provided by your organization for each individual.  It provides a summarized wealth range for located real estate, business ownership and other hard asset data in publicly-accessible sources results.   Since not all assets a person owns can be found in publicly-accessible sources, Total Identified Assets may represent a small percentage of a person’s total holdings.  Consider the assigned asset range as a window into better understanding a person’s capacity to make a larger gift.  

When no assets are found in the public-record databases we search through, it could mean that the address you provided is not associated with any assets, or that a person keeps their assets in title of a business or other legal entity.  It does not necessarily mean that an individual does not own assets or does not have the capacity to make a larger gift.  It only means that the name and address you submitted to be searched did not find any matching assets.

Below is a list of the Total Identified Asset ranges:
  • $100,000-$499,999
  • $500,000-$999,999
  • $1,000,000-$4,999,999
  • $5,000,000-$9,999,999
  • $10,000,000-$24,999,999
  • $25,000,000+
  • Records with fewer than $100,000 in public-assets located receive a blank or “null” score