Cannot Select Any Fields After Clicking Reset Fields in Custom Tile on Account Home Page

When clicking to Reset Fields in an account's home page Custom Tile, no fields appear to select after you change the category of fields back to Accounts,
You will need to navigate away from the constituent's Home page.  Once you return to the Home page, you will be able to edit the Custom Tile.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into eTapestry
2. Click Accounts to search for an account
3. Click on the name of the account to access the Home page of the account
4. Click Select Tiles and Layout
5. Choose the Custom Tile
6. Click Save
7. In the homepage tile, click to Add Fields
8. Choose Account Name and Address Lines from the Account Fields list
9. Change the category to Summary Fields and choose Lifetime Received Total
10. Close the window and click Save in the tile to save the selected fields
11. Click Reset Fields
12. Click Add Fields
13. The window to add fields from will come up and it will be set to Summary Fields, change this to Account Fields
14. No fields will appear to select from



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