ID numbers next to constituent name in Pledge/Recurring Gift reports are incorrect

When running pledge or recurring gift reports from Reports> Pledge and Recurring Gift Report section in Detail format, ID numbers are listed on the left side of the report next to the constituent name. These should be the System Record ID numbers for the constituent. Some user's may find that these numbers are incorrect and do not match any ID number anywhere on the constituent record. The IDs are incorrect for reports such as the Pledge Status Report and the Cash Flow Report. In reports that have Gift IDs included (such as the Cash Flow Report), these IDs are also incorrect for the gift's System Record ID.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution:

1. Search for the Constituent based on their name. Go into their record and up to File > Properties > and you can see their true System Record ID. 
2. For the gift's System Record IDs, open the gift record for the Pledge or Recurring gift and go to: File > Properties to view ID.


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