Invoice ID displays as 0 when generating AR transactions from Grant Expenses

When Generating AR transactions from Grant Expenses, the Control Report may display Invoice IDs as 0 even though an invoice is successfully created in Account's Receivable with a valid Invoice ID.
Follow these steps to report on generated transactions:
  1. In General Ledger, select Records > Grants.
  2. Generate AR Transactions for Grant Expenses.
  3. Select New or Open Existing Parameter.
  4. On the General Tab, Mark the checkbox to 'Create an output query of transactions created'.
  5. Select Generate Now.
  6. Give the Static Query a Name.
  7. Once transactions are generated successfully, Select Accounts Receivable.
  8. Select Query, Open Query Name just created (Query type will be Invoice).
  9. Select the Output Tab, Expand Invoice, Add Invoice ID.
  10. Select Results Tab to view all Invoices generated.

Steps to Duplicate

In General Ledger:

1. Go to General Ledger Processing, select Generate AR Transactions for Grant Expenses
2. When ready to generate the transactions, click Generate Now

See Invoice ID: 0, Line item/ Credit: 0


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