Altru won't let you undo acknowledgements on acknowledged sales orders

You may notice that a payment was marked as acknowledged in Altru but when you go to the payments record to unmark it as acknowledged you don't have that option.
This issue is caused when sales orders are pulled into the acknowledgment process instead of the payment on the sales order. To stop this issue from occurring in the future adjust your revenue reporting filters to only pull in payments on sales orders.

Adjust revenue filters:
  1. Click Revenue > Reporting filters
  2. Click the arrow next to the default filter > click edit
  3. Adjust your revenue filter to pull payments on sales orders by marking order under the payment folder in the transaction type/application section:
User-added image.

Make sure no fields are marked under the order folder in that same transaction type/application section if you don't want to pull in the actual order

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Constituent > Constituent search
  2. Search for and select a constituent
  3. Click on the communications tab and notice they have a payment that was acknowledged
  4. Click on the link that says acknowledgement
  5. Click on the payment details tab
  6. Click on the date of the payment
  7. Notice under task it says mark acknowledged as if it wasn't already acknowledged in Altru


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