How to prepare for the update to the Blackbaud Hosting Services website

We are excited to announce an update to the Blackbaud Hosting Services website, coming in September 2015.  This update will include an enhanced user experience that allows users to continue accessing hosted applications through Chrome, after Google's planned update next month.  It will also allow us to further improve the look and feel of the portal and the way you access your hosted applications in future updates.  This article will provide the recommended steps to ensure the computer you access Hosted Applications with is up to date.
In preparation for the update, we recommend installing the latest version of Citrix, ensuring your browser is configured correctly, and updating all bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts.

1. Confirm you have the most recent version of Citrix currently installed on your machine.
  • Windows 7 through 10: Citrix Receiver 4.3
  • Mac OS: Citrix Receiver 12.0
Note: Clients with Windows XP will be unable to access Hosted Applications with Citrix Receiver 4.3. This is a result of an incompatibility between 4.3 and Windows XP. This issue can be resolved by updating the workstation to Windows 7.
Should you need to update Citrix Receiver to version 4.3 (Windows) or 12.0 (Mac), follow the steps below.
  1. Uninstall Citrix Receiver
  2. Download and install the Citrix Receiver
2. Confirm your browser has been configured to access Hosted Applications.

3. Determine the datacenter location you access Hosted Applications through and update any bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts with the appropriate address below.
  • Boston:
  • Orange County:
  • Vancouver:
  • Sydney:
  • EU:
If you are still encountering issues with accessing Hosted Applications please Click Chat with Support.


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer
 Windows 7 (32-bit);Windows 7 (64-bit);Windows 8 (32-bit);Windows 8 (64-bit);Windows 8.1 (32-bit);Windows 8.1 (64-bit);Windows 10 (32-bit);Windows 10 (64-bit)

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