Custom Management report show incorrect amounts when apply filters to columns.

In comparing the General Ledger report to the Custom Management report for the same filters for the accounts and dates, some columns amounts show as $0; while other columns show the correct amount.

The Custom management report will not match the General Ledger report as both reports mock close differently. The actual closing of the net surplus/deficit does not take place until the year is hard closed.

Steps to Duplicate

 1.Go to GL, Reports, Financial Statements, Custom Mgmnt report, select a saved report parameter.
 2. Preview the report and see that the columns for Beginning balance, Gifts, and Funding Applications all have actual amounts.
 3. Close the report and on the Columns tab open column 4 Capital Medical Equipt.
 4. Apply filter for accounts and select any account.
 5. Preview the report again.
 6. Notice Columns 1-3 all show $0 amounts now even though Column 4 is the only one filters were applied to.


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