Part 1: Export the phone numbers
  1. Create a new Constituent Export. Go to Export> New Export
    • What type of export do you want to create? Constituent
    • Export Format: Excel or Comma Separated Values
    • Click Create Now
  2. On the General tab, include a query of Constituent records (if desired)
  3. On the Output tab, select the following fields:
  • Constituent Information> Constituent ID or Import ID
  • Phones> Import ID
    • ​A new window appears:
 Phone Criteria
  • Mark the Include phones marked as 'Inactive' checkbox. 
  • Enter the number of phones to export as needed
  • Change the Order by to Inactive? by Descending to export the inactive phones first
  • If we only need to change the spcific phone type marked inactive, mark Selected Phones and choose the Email or Phone type as needed
  • Click OK
Continue selecting the following fields to export:
  • Phones> Phone is Inactive?
  • Phones> Phone Type
  • Phones> Phone Number
Go to File> Export to complete the export and save. 

Part 2: Work in Excel (Note: If you are familiar with Excel functions, you can use Filters and other functions within Excel to make this process easier, but this is not within the scope of Blackbaud Customer Support.)
From the saved location for the export, open the file in Excel.  In Excel, filter the phones as needed. 
  1. The Inactive phone numbers and emails will be listed in the earlier columns in each row. This can be different for each constituent/row.
    • Determine each column associated with the inactive phone types (there are 4 columns for each phone type: Phone Import ID, Phone is Inactive, Phone Type, and Phone Number)
  2. Each phone number that is marked Inactive, change the Phone Type to Delete Me
  • Note: You cannot import the exact same phone number with the same phone type multiple times, if you have the phone number 222-222-2222 listed as inactive mutliple times, we cannot import the same phone type of 'Delete Me' for each record with the number 222-222-2222. You must change to another Phone Type, such as Delete Me 2, or edit the phone number to be different than the first one, such as 222-222-2223
  1. Do not change any data on phones that were exported and are not marked inactive. Leave each of those columns for the active phones unchanged.
  2. Change the Headers to import the data back to the following: 
  • Constituent ID column = ConsID (If the Import ID was exported, update the header to ImportID)
  • Phone Import ID column = PhoneImpID
  • Inactive? column = PhoneIsInactive
  • Phone Type column= PhoneType
  • Phone Number column = PhoneNum
  1. Save the file as a CSV (Comma Delimited) format and close Excel.

Part 3: Complete the Import in The Raiser's Edge
  1. Go to Admin>Import
  2. Choose Constituent under the bolded Constituent section and click New
  3. On the General tab, under "What do you want to do?", mark Update existing records
  4. In the Options section, mark Create new table entries (As we need to create the Delete Me, etc phone type to succeessfully import)
  5. Select the CSV file we saved in Part 2 by clicking the ellipses on the left of the Import file field
  6. Under the "How do you want the system to identify existing constituents?", mark the option for either: Use the Import ID or Use the Constituent ID based on what field exported in Part 2.
  7. Do not make changes on the File Layout tab
  8. On the Fields tab, review and/or map the fields
  • There will be multiple sets of phone numbers in the fields, each "SET" will have an extension.  The first phone number set will have an extension of 00, the second phone number set will have an extension of 01 and so on. For more information, see What are field extensions in Import?
  1. Once this is complete, Validate the import on the General tab: Mark the checkbox to Validate data only
  2. Click the Validate Now option in the lower right corner
  3. If there are no exceptions, go to the General tab once more and unmark the Validate data only box
  4. Click Import Now to update the phone types

Part 4: Run the Delete Phones Plug-in

Download and run the Delete Phones plug-in (if your database is Hosted by Blackbaud, this plug-in is already installed)
  • Go to Plug-ins> Delete Phones to delete all of the phone numbers with a type of Delete Me
  • If you have additional phone types such as Delete Me 2, Delete Me 3, etc., run the plug-in again for each type

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