Batch number search is not applied - when linking payments to deposits

When linking payments users can search by a variety of filters. If the batch number is manually typed into the field and apply is clicked the results are not filtered by they batch number.  This only happens when you are adding a deposit.  You may encounter this when the batch search returns more than one result like when there is an exception batch.
Clicking the Apply button again will filter the correct search results.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Treasury
2. Add a deposit
3. Enter a batch number that will have multiple results in the search in the Batch number field
4. Click Apply
5. The search screen will appear
6. Choose the desired batch
7. The Payments to link populates with all payments that are available to link
8. Click apply again, now the list will filter to what is in your selected batch.


 Blackbaud CRM

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