Acknowledgements are automatically generated emails to the donor when they submit their donation containing information from the transaction as a confirmation of their donation.  They can be customized with the design and to contain merge fields from data submitted.  These are also included with any parts that submit data through NetCommunity.  Additional information on Acknowledgements and configuration can be located within the NetCommunity Email Guide.


eReceipts, or Electronic Receipts, are an official tax receipt for the donation transaction.  It is a PDF document that contains tax information specific to the transaction and your organization that is generated at the time of transaction.  This is not an additional email sent from the donation, but is linked to within the Acknowledgement Email.  These are primarily used for Canadian organizations to meet the requirements of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).  Additional information on these requirements is found in the Receipting Guidlines for Canada.  Information on configuring eReceipts within NetCommunity Donation Forms can be found in the Parts Guide.