1. In General Ledger > Export > click New
  2. On the new window, click on the Output tab
  3. Select Project and change the Export format to Comma-separated values.
  4. Expand Project > double-click to select Project ID.
  5. Expand 'Project account budgets' > select Account.  On the next screen that appears, select the appropriate Scenario ID and fiscal year.  At the bottom, select to 'Order Budgets by' Account.
  6. Click OK
  7. Still under the expanded 'Project account budgets', add Amount
  8. Then expand 'Project account budget details' from under the same section and add Amount, as well.  (This will give us the period amounts broken out.)
  9. Click Export Now to create/Save your export file


Note: This option will export any and all project budget entries in the system
  1. Administration > Import Records > New Fiscal year project budget
  2. On the General tab  - Select to Export Records
  3. Click Include to specify a query (or create a new query) of specific projects (or leave it to all for any and all projects in any existing budgets in the system
  4. Set the Use “Budget Scenario ID - Fiscal Year”
  5. For the Import file - click the 3 dots to browse to a location, and type in a name and .csv - ex. BudgetExport.csv
  6. On the fields tab, click on any fields on the left to move them to the right - Ex. ID-Fiscal year, account number, period amount, etc.
  7. Select Export at the bottom
  8. Edit the new CSV file as needed to remove any extraneous Scenarios