How to create links from a NetCommunity email to a specific location in Wordpress

When sending out emails/newsletters from NetCommunity containing snapshots of stories, it may be necessary for email recipients to be able to click on a link that will take them directly to the story on a Wordpress site.
  1. Locate and edit the page that we want our links to take us to
  2. Click on the Text tab
  3. Find the spot on our page where we would like our user to land (where our anchor will be located)
  4. Remember to always use a unique anchor name so that we can have multiple anchors on our pages, if needed
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  5. Add any additional anchors as needed > click Update
  6. Locate the Permalink; highlight and copy the entire address
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  1. Edit the email message
  2. Highlight the desired text to hyperlink
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  3. Click the Insert tab > click Link
  4. In the window that pops up, select "Create other type of link"
  5. Leave Type as http:
  6. In URL, highlight http:// and delete it
  7. Paste the link that we copied from Wordpress and add #anchor to the end (Replace the word anchor with the unique name we used on step 4 in Wordpress)
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  8. Click Insert to see the link added to our email


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