Imported historic entries change amounts when toggling between screens

When reviewing an imported historic entry, the State tax amount is incorrect. Click Deductions, then click back to Taxes, the amount is correct. Unable to save the correct amount.
 We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

In Payroll
  1. Go to Records> Employees
  2. Open the record for John Doe
  3. Go to the Activity tab and double click to open the 5/5/15 Period End date calculation
  4. Click taxes
NOTE: the state tax adjusted gross is the same as Federal – $2620.81, which is incorrect.  
  1. Click Deductions, then back to taxes
NOTE: the state adjusted gross amount is correct - $2788.10.
The State tax adjusted gross is changing but the correct number is not saved 


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