Blank BBIS Membership Batch

When processing a BBIS Membership Dues batch, there are sometimes blank exception batches created.

We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  • Create Membership that has a setting for 1 year and does not allow duplicates 
  • Add a membership for a Donor using the created membership and duration
  • Create a new page with a Membership Form part, and configure the part to use the previously created Membership from CRM, set part to use Payment 2.0
  • View live page in a Logged Out state and make a transaction for the "Membership" using the "Individual" level for 1 year, using information so that you are Auto-Matched in CRM to the constituent that we set the same membership to above in CRM
After transaction has completed:
  • Go to Web > Manage Web Transactions and Download BBIS Membership Transactions
  • Click batch row for the Membership Dues Batch that is created under "Uncommitted batches" and click "Commit"
  • In the pop up "Commit parameters" window:
  • UNCHECK "Validate batch before committing"
  • CHECK Check for duplicate constituents
  • Click Start

Empty batch will be created

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