Error: The program can't start because aolog.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem - when logging into Blackbaud Hosting Services

Some users may experience this message when launching Blackbaud Hosting Services applications while using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 
If you experience this error message please install the current version of Citrix for your operating system, which is compatible with modern, non-NPAPI browsers: 

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NOTE: You may need to consult with your local IT personnel or confirm you have administrative rights to the machine before proceeding.

For Windows users: 
  1. Uninstall Citrix from Control Panel. You may wish to use Citrix Clean-up Utiliy here: 
  2. Navigate in Windows to Start, type REGEDIT in the search field 
  3. Expand the registry key HK_CurrentUser > expand Software. Right click and Delete the Citrix folder
  4. Expand the registry key HK_LocalMachine > expand Software. Right click and Delete the Citrix folder (may not be an item here - that is OK)
  5. Download Citrix 4.11

For Mac users: 
  1. ​Download Citirx 12.0
  2. Open the downloaded Citirx.dmg package and first run the Uninstaller. This will remove the old version of Citirx
  3. From the same dmg package, run the Installer
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Once the current version of Citirx is installed, you will need to ensure that you configure your web browser to work in a Citrix environment. 



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