There are two Donation reports that you can run that will provide you with either the total amount a single group has donated or the total amount each member of a single group has donated.  These reports are described below, respectively:

Donations by Group - displays one row per group; includes data about the group as well as summary statistics regarding the donation transactions made by members of the group

Donations by Donor - displays one row per donor; includes donor contact information as well as summary statistics regarding their donation transactions

To run either of these reports, follow the steps below:
  1. Fundraising>Donation Management
  2. Click Donation Reports
  3. From the drop-down window, select either Donations by Group or Donations by Donor (In either cases, you select the report you would like to run and then work through a series of filters that allow you to narrow the focus of your report, if desired.)
  4. Select the desired filters on each step, choosing the desired group on step 8.
  5. On step 11, give your report a label and click Submit Report