Edit Sponshorship Opportunity Group shows sponsors per opportunity and group restrictions are grayed out for Sponsorship Opportunity Group records in use

Unable to edit the Max Sponsor per Opportunity and Locations on the "Edit Sponshorship Opportunity Group"  for Opportunity Groups
Once a child record has been associated with a sponsorship importunity group the sponsors per opportunity and group restrictions sections will be grayed out.  This is because changing it when a child is associated with the opportunity group would incorrectly affect the opportunity's availability.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Add a sponsorship opportunity group with all the requisite information. 
2.  Add a sponsorship program using the sponsorship opportunity group from step 1
3.  Add a child
4.  Add a sponsorship using the opportunity group and child from step 1-3
5.  Return to the group added in step 1 and click edit.



 Blackbaud CRM

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