The Luminate Online 15.9 release will include the ability for clients to now create Organizations.  This functionality includes:
  • Creating and Editing Organizations
  • Creating and managing Notes for Organizations
  • Creating and managing Organizational Hierarchy
  • Associating contacts with Organizations
  • Managing Duplicate Organizations
For a complete overview of Organization functionality in 15.9 please see the help documents.

Organizations in Luminate Online 15.9 are being launched as a BETA to denote that Blackbaud does not consider Organizations a finished feature.  With that in mind there are several features that are not yet included with Organizations:
  • You cannot export a list of Organizations or the contacts that are associated with Organizations.
  • You cannot Query or segment contacts based on Organizational attributes.
  • You cannot export or search in Organizational Notes.
  • You cannot Report on Organizations outside of current TeamRaiser reporting.
  • You cannot mass de-duplicate Organizations.
  • All data related to Organizations will not sync to Luminate CRM or Raiser's Edge