You cannot query on recurring gift status changes within a revenue query

When creating a revenue ad-hoc query there is no node available to query on recurring gift status changes.
We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:

Replicated on sample v4.0 SP3 data

Ensure there are Recurring Gift Staus Change

1. Go to the Revenue functional area and in the configuration section click on Reason codes
2. Click on the Revenue tab and add some recurring gift status change codes if none exist

Change the status of an existing recurring gift

1. Go to Revenue functional area and click on Transaction search
2. Search for and select and existing recurring gift:

Transaction type: Recurring gift
Revenue type: Gift

3. On the recurring gift record click Edit status and choose a new status e.g. from Active to Terminated, also choose a reason code from the drop-down list
4. Take a note of the recurring gift's Revenue ID from the Details tab, this will be used as a filter in the query

Attempt to query on the status change

1. Go to the Analysis functional area and click on Information Library
2. Click Add an ad-hoc query and choose a revenue source view
3. Add a filter with the revenue ID you noted above from the recurring gift

There is no node that allows you to query on the recurring gift status change.

You can query on adjustment reasons, write-off reasons and the current recurring gift status but on changes to that status.


 Windows Server 2012
 SQL Server 2012
 Blackbaud CRM

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