Installment activity data list displays extra designations - occurs when viewing the Installment/Write-off activity tab on a pledge record

Designations show for zero dollar amounts after editing a pledge when viewing the pledge installments tab
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select add an individual from the constituents functional area
2.  Enter a last name, a first name, and click save
3.  Click Add pledge from the tasks menu
4.  Amount = 1000
5.  Designation = Library books
6.  Frequency = monthly
7.  No. installments = 10
8.  Click save
9.  Click add payment
10.  Amount = 100
11.  Click save
12.  Click the link on the application to return to the pledge record
13.  Click add payment
14.  Amount = 100
15.  Click save
16.  Click the link on the application to return to the pledge record
17.  Select Post revenue to GL from the Revenue functional area
18.  Select a post parameter that posts all transactions and click start process
19.  From the pledge record, click edit posted pledge
20.  Click the designation link
21.  Designation = Library Books, amount = 200
22.  Designation = Building, amount = 800
23.  Click Ok and click through all the prompts
24.  Click edit installment designations
25.  Add the adjustment date, post date, and adjustement reason and click ok
26.  Add the adjustment reason and click save
27.  View the installment/write-off activity tab

Note that the designation shows both for the remaining installments.  In the previous version you could get it to where it only showed the one designation.  See the video in the attachment for details.


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