Before you begin your import process, we recommend updating the appropriate batch template and generating a header file. This way, Altru can most easily recognize the data that you're importing. 

1. From Constituents > Batch Entry, select Batch Templates under Tasks on the left.
2. Edit the Batch Template appropriate to the data you're importing (Constituent Batch Basic for new constituents or Constituent Update Batch for Existing constituents).
3. Click on the second tab, Select Fields and Defaults.
4. Expand the folder that says Constituent Attributes.
5. Find the desired attribute, click on it, and then click the right arrow to move the attributed into fields in the batch.
6. Click Save.

7. From Administration > Import, click Generate import header file under Tasks on the left. 
8. Select the Batch template you edited in the previous steps.
9. From the pop-up, update the number of collection fields you need to enter. For example, if special events is your attribute, change "Special Events" to 4 if you intend to import 4 special event attribute values. 

User-added image

10. Download the header file to CSV. Enter data to import.
11. For attribute fields, the following fields will display for of the number of attributes you will import:

User-added image

Note: "Special Events" is the name of a sample Attribute

12. Leave the first column blank.  Enter the value of your attribute in second column. Comment field, Start Date, and End date are all optional
13. Once you've entered all data, save the file as as a CSV document.
14. Edit or Add a new Import Process and choose the file saved in Step 13, above.
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15. Upload the document.
16. From Map Fields, Click 'Auto-Map' to have Altru map the fields for you. Alternatively, you can manually map your fields to Altru's template by clicking into each row:

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17. When you reach an Attribute, you will see the words "collection field" and the row should appear gray. Click "Map collection field" at the top
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18. From the pop-up, edit then number of collection fields/attributes you would like to import.  If you're importing 4 different values for the same Attribute Category, for example, type in 4. Then select auto-map.
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19. Save and finish the import process. Review in Batch and Commit once you review and the results in batch are correct.