Yes, this can be accomplished by creating a query-based group that automatically rebuilds on a set schedule.  Below are the steps you need to take to accomplish this goal:

1. Data Management > Query.
2. Click Create a new Query.
3. Provide the following information for the new query:
-Security Category
4. Click Save.
5. On the Query Details page, set up your query as follows:

-Choose the Field Type, Transaction Information
-Choose the Field that will best meet your needs.  For example, Year-to-Date Total Amount
-Click Add Field Clause and make it, "greater than or equal to" and enter a value

6. Click Save Query
7. Click Run Query
8. Click Refresh until the results populate
9. Click Use Query and select Create a Group,then Go
10. Enter the required fields and under Associated Query Information, select the box for "Periodically rebuild group membership?" and select the best schedule for your organization.
11. Click Save