1. Create a Constituent query with the criteria:
Groups Belonging to Record ID = (this is the GUID for your Committee)
2. This will give you a list of all of the committee members so to this query you want to add the Constituent Record field from Primary business (this is the GUID for the primary businesses)
3. Export this to CSV
4. Go to Analysis > Import Selections
5. Click Add
6. Choose the Record Type of Constituent
7. Choose the CSV file that you just exported
8. Set the ID column to the Business Primary system Record ID
9. Check the box for Show this selection in query designer
10. Save and Import
11. Return to your board members query and edit it.
12. Scroll down and open the selections folder.
13. Bring over the imported selection of businesses into the criteria of the query where they exist in the selection
14. Make sure to put an OR between the two items so that you get both the board members and the businesses
15. Save this query and make sure to check the box to "show this selection in query designer
16. Go back to Query and add a Revenue query
17. Select the Constituent node and navigate to the selections folder
18. Bring your selection of board members + businesses into the criteria
19. Save this query
20.  Navigate to the Giving Detail report and use this query as your selection