To add the Google remarketing tag to any specific page(s) on you website:
  1. Go to onMessage > Website > select the website.
  2. Locate the page you wish to add the tag to.
  3. From the page's tools menu, select Edit Page Content.
  4. On the left under Widgets, click on and drag Embed to the layout.
  5. Select the gear icon in the Embed widget.
  6. Paste in the Google remarketing tag.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Apply Changes to the page.

To add the Google remarketing tag to every page of your website:
  1. Email Blackbaud K12 Support or create a ticket via Case Central.
  2. Include a .txt file with the Google remarketing tag code.
  3. State that you want the tag to appear on every page of your website via the Master Layouts.
  4. A customer support analyst will submit a request to have a programmer do this for you and will email you when the process is complete.