Payment showing incorrect amount on Total Revenue and Payments Report

When running the Total Revenue and Payments Report, you may notice a payment that is displaying incorrectly. For example, the total of the payment is $50 and the Total Revenue and Payments Report is showing $120. This causes the totals to be incorrect. 

A sales order total may be showing incorrectly on the Total Revenue and payments report. The correct total appears on the order and the Credit Card Transaction Settlement Status Report, but the incorrect total of the order is showing on the Total Revenue and Payments Report. This order may have a scenario of rescheduled tickets after making a refund.
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue and click Total Revenue and Payments Report 
  2. For the report parameters, choose a Date, All users, All sources, and check the boxes to Include Taxes, Show payment method distribution, and Include Security Deposits
  3. Notice that the Total Revenue and payments total does not match the Payment method distribution total. 
  4. Notice that the Order is showing a higher amount. Note this amount.  
  5. Click on the order hyperlink to view the order. 
  6. Notice that payment shows a lower amount. 


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