Error: Exception message: The field 'Constituent lookup ID' expects a valid ID - when importing constituent Interactions using constituent alternate ID's

When importing constituent interactions using the constituent alternate ID, CRM does not recognized the constituent records and displays this error. 
Exception message:    The field 'Constituent lookup ID' expects a valid ID.  You may wish to review your settings on the Options tab of your import process. You must provide either an interaction or a constituent.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add an alternate ID to a constituent record
  2. Setup an Interactions Batch template with the fields constituent lookup ID, constituent name, summary, status, contact method, and expected date
  3. Create an import file with data including the constituent alternate ID
  4. Go to Administration> Import
  5. Create an Import parameter using the Interaction batch template
  6. Map the Fields
  7. On the Set Options> Other tab, select ID for Search list fields
  8. Import and See error


 Blackbaud CRM

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