CVV field missing for Sponsorship General Payment Schedule transactions

When setting up a Sponsorship form with a Payment schedule of General or Specific and attempting to process Credit Card transactions through the Payment 2.0 part, the CVV field is not available.

If setting the Payment Schedule to Force Start Date, the CVV field is available for Credit Card payments submitted through the Payment 2.0 part.
The CVV field is only available if you are requesting the first payment be charged when the sponsorship recurring gift is submitted.  If you do not requre the first payment then the CVV field will not be a field on the Payment 2.0 form.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to BBIS as a Supervisor User
  2. Edit the Sponsorship Form part
  3. Change the Payment schedule to General or Specific, click Save
  4. Go to the Sponsorship search page/part that links to the form edited above
  5. Search for and select a child to sponsor, click "Click here to sponsor"
  6. Keep default details or change as you wish, click Next
  7. Fill out the Personal Information and select Credit Card for Payment type, click Checkout
  8. Note the CVV field is missing from the form
  9. Log back into BBIS and edit the form from step 2
  10. Change the Payment schedule to Force start date, click save
  11. Complete steps 4 - 7, click Checkout
  12. Note the CVV field is available on the form


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