Error: The rule [rule name] exists between [Course name] and [Course name]. Student cannot be waitlisted in a class from [Course] without also being waitlisted in a lass from [Course2].

*Occurs in Blackbaud Student Information Systems only.

When adding a student to a waitlist for a course, the error "The rule [Rule name] exists between [Course name 1] and [Course name 2]. Student cannot be waitlisted from [Course 1] without also being waitlisted in a class from [Course 2].

Both course records are marked to have a waitlist. 
The second course in the Course Rule is not full so students cannot be added to the waitlist.

If students should be enrolled with both, compare the class lists and locate the student that is in one class but not another. Add the student to the second course.

If all students are enrolled correctly, ensure the maximum class size is the same for both courses.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open class that the student should be add to the waitlist for.
2. On the Waitlist tab, select Add Student and search for the student.
3. Receive error.

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