Accruing attendance expense does not filter on correct attendance types

All Attendance types are being included when filtering on one Attendance type when running Attendance Expense Pre-accrual Report in payroll.
Contact Support and reference this article.  A copy of your database may be needed to resolve this issue, but a support analyst will contact you to determine if this is necessary. Unless notified otherwise, you may continue working in your database while we research your issue. Please familiarize yourself with the backup and FTP procedures.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration> Accrue Attendance Expenses
2. Select dates on General tab: leave all last fiscal period end date
3. General Ledger distribution tab: 
 - Select a debit and a credit account
4. Filters Tab: Leave all except 
 - Employee status: Active, On Leave
 - Pay Types: Reg Hour, Reg Salary
 - Attendance Type: Paid Time Off 
5. Miscellaneous: 
 - Select a journal
6. Click Pre-Accrual Report 
7. Notice that the Paid time off is not the only attendance type to report. Emergency Leave and Sick show as well


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