Blackbaud Technology Partners can create API calls without requiring the client to purchase the VBA/API module by using a unique 20-digit serial number. The API serial number supplied by Blackbaud will replace the database serial number used in the API initialization sequence to allow the API application to run with the API module still locked (API license-free).  If you're a Blackbaud Technology Partner, please follow the steps below:
  1. Create a case or call into the customer support phone line using the client id associated with the project.
  2. Request the API Serial number and provide:
    • The exact name (case sensitive and include any punctuation) of the Blackbaud client. 
    • Supply the site id of the Blackbaud client with whom you are working (optional)
  3. Enter this serial number in the section of your code where you initialize the API.
    Example: RE7.Init("1111-2222-3333-4444-5555","REUserName","password",50,"",AppMode.amServer)
If you're not currently a Blackbaud Technology Partner and interested in becoming one, please contact us.
Note: The API application will still consume a user license but it will not require the client to purchase the API module and have it unlocked.
Note: The client name supplied for the API Serial Number request, must match exactly to the registered field of the Blackbaud product (Help > About).