Time shows incorrectly on the deposit summary report

When running the deposit summary report you may notice that the start and end times of your deposit are incorrect.
Time stamps on internal reports in Altru may reflect the time of your Altru database's server. All process times, sale times, or external documents like receipts should reflect the timezone selected in Altru. To adjust the time zone selected in Altru follow these steps:
  1. Click Administration > Timezones
  2. Click the arrow next to the desired timezone
  3. Click mark as default

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Change the time Zone
    1. Click Administration > Time Zones
    2. Click the drop down arrow next to a different time zone and click mark as default
    Run the deposit process
    1. Click Financials > Review Deposits
    2. Click start process
    3. After the process has finished click view report
    4. Look at the started on and ended on times and confirm that they are correct or incorrect


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