To add the filter go to any of the modules or any place you have access to the list box:
  1. Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Edit into the list for the Athletic Team such as Athletics - MS Cross Country Parents and/or Students
  3. Under the Select Objects tab, Start with User Base Under Constituent Information
  4. Then Add Athletic Enrollment and Athletic Group Under the Athletic Group Object
  5. Add a Parent/Child Relationship and another User Base from the Constituent Information Object 
  6. Under the Display Fields Tab Click Select Fields and check any fields you want to have on your list
  7. Click Select
  8. Check Enable Grouping options to cut down on duplicates
  9. Select the Filter Tab
  10. Under Global Filters click the + to give yourself a line and select the Athletic Group. Group ID for the field with the condition Equals (insert Group ID here)
  11. Click the + again under Global Filters to give yourself another line
  12. Choose the filter Athletic Enrollment.Dropped for the Field, Equal to 0 for the Condition global filters.
  13. Click Save or Save & Exit
This will prevent students from showing up in the sport if they are no longer a member.