In the Introduction section of a new application form a PDF file can be added to the text box as a link for additional forms that need to be filled out by parents.
  1. Add a PDF file to Uploads (misc.) in onMessage > Content > Uploads (misc.)
  2. After the file is uploaded into the content category, select the file link to get the URL from the browser window that opens
  3. User-added image
  4. Navigate to onBoard > Applications 
  5. In the Text section of the application add the HTML code 
  6. It should look like this example: <a href="the pdf URL should be between the set of quotes">text can be added here as the text that the user will select to access the PDF file</a>
<a href="">Click here to print the teacher recommendation and school release forms</a>

The text will show on the application form with the link to the form based on the code added to the form.