PDF files can be added as a link in the body of an application form using HTML code

In the Introduction section of a new application form, a PDF file can be added to the text box as a link for additional forms that need to be filled out by parents.
  1. Add a PDF file to Uploads (misc.) in School Website > Content > Additional content types > Uploads
  2. After the file is uploaded into the content category, select the file link to get the URL from the browser window that opens
User-added image
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions setup > Application forms
  2. Click Edit to the right of the application name
  3. Click Add Section - enter a name for the section
  4. Click and drag the Textbox to the new section
  5. In the Text section of the application add the HTML code 
  6. It should look like this example: <a href="the pdf URL should be between the set of quotes">text can be added here as the text that the user will select to access the PDF file</a>
<a href="https://mediafiles01.myschoolcdn.com/ftpimages/190/misc/misc_129958.pdf">Click here to print the teacher recommendation and school release forms</a>

The text will show on the application form with the link to the form based on the code added to the form.