Course content editors can share content through the bulletin board in the classes they are teaching and publish content to other teachers within the content editor group.

To give course content editor access: How do I create group content editors?

To share content to other teachers bulletin boards:
  1. Make sure the teachers have been added to the access group
  2. The teacher will choose a specific class from the Classes drop down
  3. In the Bulletin Board select Enter Edit Mode
  4. Drag in content and select + Add
  5. Drag in or Select content from computer files
  6. To publish this content to other classes check the other Academics that appear listed in the Publish section or select Add More
Add More Location
  1. Select Save or Save and Add Another
Note: This content is shared between the new section(s) and the section it was imported from. Any changes made to the content will update in all sections where this content is shared.