You can do this by adding the "TeamRaiser/Personal Fundraising - Caption" data element to your TeamRaiser donation form. Follow the steps below to do this.
  1. Go to Fundraising > Donation Management
  2. Edit the donation form that is associated with your TeamRaiser
  3. Go to 3. Design Donor Screens and click Edit next to Donation Form
  4. Under "Select data elements to include in this form" scroll down and find TeamRaiser/Personal Fundraising - Caption
  5. Select the data element and click Add
  6. With the data element still selected, click Save Order and Edit Selected
  7. These various captions will display depending on whether the donor is donating to a participant, team, or event.
  8. Paste the following code in the caption(s): [[E47:[[S334:FR_ID]]:fr_info:1:event_title]]
  9. Click Save
This code will display the Event Title that is specified in the backend Greeting Page.