Option to use duplicate criteria for new record in Import does not create exceptions when importing new constituents

When importing new constituents via Constituent Import, checking the option for 'Use duplicate criteria for new records' may not identify potential duplicate records.
If you encounter this issue in the latest version and patch of Raiser's Edge please contact support and reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Add a new constituent with Title, First name (initial only), Surname, Address Lines, City, County, Postcode and Country. Save and Close
  2. Create an import file with headers: KeyInd, ImportID, Titl1, FirstName, LastName, Addrlines, AddrCity, AddrCounty, AddrZip
  3. Leave the ImportID blank and enter I (Individual) for the KeyInd
  4. Enter identical data for the Title, Surname. Address Lines, Ciry, County, Postcode and Country as the record in The Raiser's Edge. Add a full First Name instead of just the initial.
  5. Save the Import file as a CSV to allow import into The Raiser's Edge
  6. Go to Admin > Import > Constituent > Constituent to import the created file
  7. Ensure the option to 'Use duplicate criteria for new records' is selected
  8. Checked fields are mapped correctly and import the file. Note no exceptions are found
  9. Go to Admin > Duplicate Constituent Management Tool and run a new search
  10. Note that the imported record now shows as a potential duplicate with the existing record


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