Luminate CRM Release Information

This page is intended to be a one-stop for all things related to upcoming LCRM releases. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Support.

LCRM Release Process
In most cases, Blackbaud will release to sandbox organizations a week prior to the production release. The sandbox release is intended to allow testing of the new features or bug fixes prior to the release being installed on production organizations. In the event that your sandbox or production organization cannot be updated, Support will contact you to work through any errors and attempt to upgrade the organization again. To find out what features or fixes are included in the release, please see the release links to the notes below.

LCRM Tentative Release Schedule
LCRM 12.21 (Sandbox) - 9/31 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.22 (Production) - 10/8 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.22 (Sandbox) - (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.24 (Wave 2 Sandbox/Production) - 4/5 (successfully deployed)

LCRM 12.24 (Wave 3 Production) - 4/19 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.25 (previously 12.24 - Wave 4 Production) - 5/4 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.26 - 6/16 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.27 (Sandbox) - 8/24 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.27 (Production) - 8/30 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.28 (Sandbox) - 9/12 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.28 (Production) - 9/13 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.30 (Sandbox) - 1/19 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.30 (Production) - 1/26 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.33 (Sandbox) - 3/23/17 (successfully deployed)
LCRM 12.33 (Production) - 3/30/17

LCRM Release Documents
Current Release Notes
Current Post-Install Instructions
LCRM Known Issues
LCRM Compatibility with Salesforce Lightning

LCRM Release Notes (by version)
LCRM 12.17 Release
LCRM 12.18 Release
LCRM 12.21 Release
LCRM 12.22 Release
LCRM 12.25 Release (previously 12.24)
LCRM 12.26 Release
LCRM 12.27 Release
LCRM 12.28 Release
LCRM 12.30 Release
LCRM 12.33 Release



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