To install Jing:
  1. Download Jing.
  2. The File Download screen appears asking "Do you want to run or save this file?" Click Run.
  3. Click the "I accept the fine print" checkbox then click Install.
  4. Click Finish.
Watch this short video for a demo on How to Install Jing.

To use Jing:

Watch this short video for a demo on How to Use Jing.
  1. Click the Jing icon on the edge screen.
    Screenshot of Sun
  2. You will see three options here: Capture (crosshairs) History (pictures) and more (gears).
    Screenshot of Options
  3. To create a screen capture choose Capture (crosshairs)
    Screenshot of Capture Option
  4. Click on the edge of the item you are trying to capture and drag the mouse until you highlight what you wish to capture.
  5. Select Capture Image or Capture Video.
  6. Once complete click Finish.
  7. Select Share via
    NOTE: When saving add a topic and then description. This will make it quicker to find the videos.
    Screenshot of Screencast
  8. This will automatically copy the URL to your clipboard.
  9. Paste the link from the clipboard into an email to the support analyst