Error: The user is not mapped for the specified tenant when attempting to login to NXT web view

A user invited into the NXT web view will receive a unique invitation email specific to their user name.  Once the email has been confirmed the user will be able to access the web view.  There may be times when a user receives this error message when trying to log in. 
The invitation email is unique to the user that receives the email.  No other user can use that same email to gain access to the NXT web view.
This is a security precaution, to prevent the email from being forwarded to any unauthorized personal or a user who has not been invited.

To prevent this error from happening send a new invitation directly to the email of the person you wish to grant access.

If you have multiple NXT web view's and wish to grant a user access to all, repeat the invitation process from each database's web view.

Alternative solution

If you have multiple accounts or use gmail, be sure to log out of all accounts before logging into the web view.  If a username has not been invited into the database this error will occur

If the error persists after verifying that any multiple accounts have been logged out, try clearing browser cache, cookies, and temporary Internet files and signing in again. 


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